Jewellery repair price list

jewellery repair assessment done on the spot.


Aurum staff are experienced jewellery professionals and will examine and assess your piece before making any recommendations. We will give you a cost estimate and time frame for completion of the work. A pricing table is available below. Please note we can fix just about anything and we have listed only a few common options at average prices in the table below.

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Ring polishing                                                                              $25
Ring rejoin or size down(not include Rhodium or stone tighten) $65
Rhodium plating                                                                          $75-$100
Ring resizing , 1 to six sizes(9ct yellow gold)                              $100-$180
Ring resizing , 1 to six sizes(9ct white gold)                                $100-$180
Ring resizing , 1 to six sizes(18ct yellow gold)                            $125-$280
Ring resizing , 1 to six sizes(18ct white gold)                              $150-$325
Rhodium would be additional, cost with sizing                            $65-$75
Ring resizing, 1 to six sizes (platinum)                                        $150-$276
Re-tipping claws                                             $300+$40 per claw over four
New band (up to 2mm)                                                                $450-$700
New band (2-4mm)                                                                      $680-$1200
Solder broken band and reshape                                                 $80
Solder two rings together                                                             $120
Replacement tiny diamonds (1-3pt)                                        $25-$75 each
Replace small diamonds (.05-.10)                                      $120-$300 each
Valuation (per item)                                                                $95-150
Polish chain                                                                                  $35
Solder broken chain                                                                     $50
Repair worn clasp or end finals                                               $140-190

There is a lot to consider when quoting for a jewellery repair, a missing diamond may indicate a worn out setting which needs to be replaced and so the repair quote could be considerably more than just the price of a diamond. We will be able to give you an exact price upon examination of the item.



How long will my jewellery repair take?

The duration of jewellery repairs tends to differ depending on the job, ranging from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. At the initial consultation we will will be able to accurately gauge the work requiredand then how long the job will take so you can be certain when your jewellery will be ready for collection.

Can you perform jewellery repairs on custom jewellery?

Jewellery repairs can be performed on most forms of jewellery, including custom jewellery. At Aurum fine jewellery we create custom jewellery so we have a thorough understanding of how to repair and maintain your jewels.

Does jewellery require regular repairs?

Jewellery does wear over time and requires regular servicing to keep it in tip top condition. We offer to clean, polish and check our clients jewellery when ever required.

What is the best place for jewellery repairs in Auckland?
Aurum fine jewellers are one of the top jewellery repair workshops in New Zealand.

Please Book an appointment with Aurum fine jewellery for a time that suits you.

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