Aurum jewellery workshop
Aurum jewellery workshop

Jewellery repairs & remodeling services

redesign, remodel and recycle

Have you inherited a piece of jewellery with gorgeous stones in an old-fashioned setting? Do you want to remodel an out-of-date piece into something more lively and contemporary? By recycling the diamonds, gemstones and precious metal from jewellery you no longer wear, we can create something new that you will love wearing - at a fraction of the cost to buy new jewellery.

Sometimes it's no longer viable to keep repairing a cherished piece of jewellery. The best solution is to have it remade exactly as the original. This is an opportunity to add strength and weight into a special piece of jewellery, so that you can enjoy wearing it again, secure in the knowledge that you no longer need to take extra care to protect it from damage. 

jewellery repairs and ring resizing

We offer a complete repair and maintenance service for all jewellery: a simple polish and clean, minor alterations, re-tipping claws, resizing rings of all types and  replacing lost stones, Rhodium plating, gold plating, chain repairs and jewellery valuations all in our Auckland jewellery workshop.

jewellery certificates and valuations

We recommend that any substantial jewellery purchases be assessed independently by a gemmological laboratory employing qualified appraisers.

Every individual jewellery piece commissioned at Aurum Fine Jewellery and costing more than $3000 is supplied with a detailed invoice or a Certificate of Authenticity describing the design and materials used in its manufacture. In addition we can provide GemLab, Advancedgem or an inhouse jewellery valuation for insurance purposes.

We recommend valuations be reviewed every two years, especially if there have been dramatic movements in metal prices or exchange rates. Most insurance policies require any item of jewellery over $2,000.00 to be itemised with a current valuation.

expert jewellery advice

We are happy to provide expert advice regarding jewellery valuations. We offer a full replacement service to cover theft or loss of jewellery and are approved suppliers with all NZ insurance companies.

Appointments, location & hours

Aurum Fine Jewellery is by appointment only. Please Book an appointment with Aurum fine jewellery and choose a suitable time. Online consultations via Zoom, Google or Skype are welcome. We have convenient off-street parking right at our front door. Alternatively email us or phone: 09 3781 335.

The Ponsonby studio at 89 College Hill is open for appointments from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday, an ideal time for couples wanting to choose a special piece together.

Tax and Duty Free purchases can be arranged. Payment by bank deposit, cash, Visa, Amex, MasterCard, Bitcoin. 6-12 months interest-free finance is also available.




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